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Kitsch Nitsch

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Kitsch Nitsch

Kitsch Nitsch is David Kladnik and Jaka Neon. We studied graphic design at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design, worked briefly in advertising and started our own studio in 2006. Originally working in the field of graphic design under the name of Pop-up design studio, we started the Kitsch Nitsch project a year later in order to have a playground where we could explore the less rigid aspects of design such as decoration. Currently we devote most of our time to interior decoration, scenography and illustration. We believe in style, the importance of personal preferences in the design process and that one can find space for humor, whatever the project might be. We have an artistic approach to our work and like to mix different esthetics into a harmonious whole or a clash of contrast. We work a lot with self adhesive vinyl film that has the ability to quickly transform the visual aspect of a room or an object without changing its internal structure. We prefer strong imagery over subtle corrections, the kitsch part of our name holds no love for tackiness but rather describes the will to create personalized and unique visual messages instead of resorting to prefabricated standardized solutions.

  • Arredo e design d'interni
  • Design industriale

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