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Lumiotec was established on May 28th, 2008 as the world’s first company specialized in the development, production and sale of OLED panels. Thin, lightweight and with no UV emission, OLED lighting can create a new people-friendly environment in everyday living spaces like homes, offices, stores and also in vehicles such as cars, trains and aircrafts. The OLED panel is the next-generation sustainable light source; it is mercury-free and future improvements to its power efficiency will bring promising effects that will help reduce CO2 emissions through energy-saving benefits. Our goal is a total innovation toward new forms of lighting design and creation of better living spaces by exploring the potential of OLED panels through continuous research and development.

Beni e servizi forniti da Lumiotec
  • Arredamento e Design
  • Illuminazione per interni
  • Lampade a sospensione
  • Lampade da soffitto
  • Lampade da parete
  • Lampade da terra
  • Lampade da tavolo
  • Faretti
  • Illuminazione a fibre ottiche
  • Lettere luminose
  • Illuminazione di emergenza
  • Componenti per illuminazione

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