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New Delhi India


For over the years, Manthan Overseas is known for its quality rugs, style, color, variety and precious materials. Which are processed in our factory, In addition to standard formats, all designs and colors are also available in custom sizes. Manthan Overseas is a family-owned company and has been one of the most successful carpet producers and designers that offer highly unique original hand-made rugs. We use the Finest New Zealand wool, Lincoln wool, Mohair, Silk, Bamboo silk, Lyocell, Jute and other natural materials. Our custom carpets, rugs and flat weaves are made from hand-carded, hand-spun wool and mill-carded wool. We exclusively use the dyed, made from the highest quality environmentally friendly. On special requirement We use the natural dyes made from plants to maintain consistent color-quality. Our Master Dyer whose knowledge and experience have been passed down to him through many generations in a family dedicated to the art of dyeing. Manufacturing units of Fine Hand-woven Carpets, Hand knotted, Tibetan carpets, Hand tufted carpets, Kilim & Flat weave that they are woven by nomadic women. Each carpet is unique as each weaver has developed their own style, which can even differ from carpet to carpet. We export to worldwide for the retailers and whole sellers.

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  • Arredamento e Design
  • Tessili e tappeti
  • Tappeti
  • Cuscini
  • Biancheria per letti e divani
  • Zerbini

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