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Mura Pezza

Puegnago del Garda, BS / Italia

Mura & Pezza Italy grows out of the union of two young Italian designers: Alessandro Pezza and Mirko Mura; two dynamic characters who are firmly convinced that high quality design can be applied to every field. Thanks to the passion they put in their work, they are able to merge aesthetic qualities of the unique Italian character in every single creation. Indeed, the fine Italian character charms the bystanders who can understand the value of its qualities.
Quality, excellence and uniqueness. These are the company’s core values which have led to the partnership with one of the most qualified Australian jeweller: Harry Georje Bodikian. As the winner of the De Beers Award Winning Master Jeweller, qualified Diamond Grader and International Diamond Merchant approved by the Rapport Diamond Group.

Mura&Pezza is looking forward to keeping on growing and to continuing to amaze and satisfy the finest and most discerning guests ... Mostra tutto ... Mostra meno

Mura Pezza S.r.l.

Via Nazionale 61
25080 Puegnago del Garda, BS
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