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Narud Stokke Wiig Architects (NSW) is based in Oslo, Norway. NSW is the common name of two NSW architecture firms; NSW Sivilarkitekter AS with a staff of 45 people of whom 42 are qualified architects, and NSW Arkitekter og Planleggere AS with a staff of 76 people, of whom 64 are qualified architect and 3 interior architects/industrial designers. The two firms have a strong professional and architectural bond, utilizing common resources of both firms NSW currently employs a multi-national staff from over 20 nations. The international staff provides a valuable professional and cultural diversity in the creative process and working atmosphere. The numerous clients and project portfolio also reflect the international profile. NSW offers full services in contemporary architecture and planning, urban and interior design, as well as in industrial and graphic design. NSW has avoided specialisation, and the wide range of completed projects reflects this. Rather as specialists in problems solving, NSW is able to embark on large scale projects of high technical and architectural complexity, as well as master planning and urban design, commercial centers and airport design. The focus on large scale projects does not, however, preclude individual medium scale building design, refurbishment and small scale domestic jobs. NSW aims to become a leading firm within environmental design and sustainable architecture, focusing on environmental issues and implementations at all levels of the design process.

  • Progettazione architettonica
  • Restauro architettonico, conservazione
  • Architetture temporanee, installazioni

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