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noa is an architecture and design studio established by Lukas Rungger and Stefan Rier. Lukas and Stefan met while working as project architects with the renowned architect and designer Matteo Thun in Milan, being responsible for a series of challenging projects in the field of tourism, modern living and contemporary workplaces. Before joining forces to found noa back home in Bozen/Bolzano in 2010, both Lukas and Stefan improved their skills and finetuned their work-ethos during a decade of work experiences both locally and abroad. They gained particularly diverse cultural and social influences from living and working in New York, London, Berlin, Milan, Ferrara and Graz...which until present remains the crucial influence and input on their recent designs. Their current projects include a new concept store in Bejing China for sports-brand Chervo, a new masterplan for the seaside resort of Grado near Venice, a series of new 4 and 5star hotels predominantly located in the alpine region of Italy, and new high-end villas in the luxurious Gardena Valley in Southtyrol. noa continuously emphasizes its attempt to include renowned designers on different levels of design implementation, resulting in past and present collaborations with internationally renowned artists and designers such as Gian Frey (Zurich), Martino Gamper (London), Martin Schgaguler (Geneve), Giulia Minozzi & Delica Fior (Milan), Jakob Maurer (from the Faculty of Design at Free University Bolzano) and many others. By following the concept of „emergence“, where the whole is perceived as being far greater than the sum of ist parts, a holistic approach and strategy is central to noas evolving way of conceiving architecture and design.

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