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Office Kokiwoong

Office Kokiwoong Studio di Architettura

Office Kokiwoong

Office Kokiwoong

Studio di Architettura

3F 535 - 27 Sinsa-Dong, Kangnam-gu - Seoul Corea del Sud Website

Office Kokiwoong

Office 53427 was founded in 2008 by Kiwoong Ko and Joo-eun Lee in Seoul, Korea. Office works through multiple scales and contexts of architectural and urban phenomena. It works not only to provide design solutions but also to develop design methodologies throughout the research focusing on social, economical and technological aspects of an objective. Office 53427 aims to propose alternatives to the homogeneous Korean architecture scene suffering from monolithic design method and lack of material and technological research. Designs of office 53427 are produced through a flexible but highly organized and fundamental but highly advanced design processes based on explicit analysis of the constituting elements of the pheonmena, their relations and interactions.

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