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Pargade Architects

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Pargade Architects

Each project is an adventure for me to the project I have ever designed, which would be the culmination of my work. When the orchestra begins a theme and I am preparing to do a "chorus". I feel the same sense of unknown, as before a sketch, a sketch on a blank page or some improvised words. That same feeling of pleasure that goes. An architect can not be improvised. In my work, the architect synthesizes the data, eliminates unexpected, because it builds a building lasting the test of time. Conversely, the art project contains an element of risk, unknown, research to overcome the limitations already reached. The reference to improvised music is very instructive. She tells you that improvisation is not easy, it requires long and patient preparation work and requires a perfect mastery of his means. There is the theme that we must know well, Monk said: "To improvise, you must know the subject very well know the theme!" The theme is the structure, it is the rule, improvisation, c 'is the path you created spontaneously around the theme. Gestures random artists, be they of Pollock dripping or folds of Hantai, improvisational music is also a result of intense reflection, preparation almost mystical. Architectural work requires mental preparation identical to that of improvisation and the project is built with a stroke so rapid after a long, slow maturation. During this period of research, I identify with the characters I'm going to live in my architecture.Then, when the line is drawn, the project's development proceeds in a rational manner, using knowledge and technologies that are available. In developing, emerging ideas also comes from exchanges, confrontations, contact with the material. Improvising architecture is focused mentally practice a profession in an idea that just once, without being programmed. Improvising is to seek within itself a power to create a new life.

  • Progettazione architettonica
  • Restauro architettonico, conservazione
  • Architetture temporanee, installazioni

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