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Pierce Body Works

Pierce Body Works Società di servizi

Pierce Body Works

Pierce Body Works

Società di servizi

81-85 - Melbourne Australia

Pierce Body Works Pty.Ltd.

Pierce Body Works is a leading vehicle smash repairs shop that is specialised in repairing, restoring, refinishing and replacing vehicle bodies and frames, window glass and windshield. Our auto body technicians also straighten metal panels, remove dents & dings and replace parts that cannot be fixed. We have a team of Panel Beaters who can fix damages from everyday scrapes and scratches to major collisions and make your vehicles look and perform like new. Our repair technicians use the state of the art tools and techniques to complete the work quickly and effectively. We also provide spray painting services, ensuring perfect colour match and ultimate finish to your vehicle. In addition, we also help you through every step of the insurance claim process. In our workshop, we deploy a complete line of approach and work as a team to fix any problem to the industry standard. If have got into an accident or want to upgrade your vehicle’s look, contact us at 0394824007.

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