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Point b Design

Point b Design Studio di Architettura

Point b Design

Point b Design

Studio di Architettura

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214 kalos st - 19128 Philadelphia Stati Uniti 2154824000 Website

Point b Design

Point b is a multi-disciplinary design fi rm in Philadelphia. We are architects, artists, and crafts-people with expertise in designing and making objects, spaces, and buildings that are effi cient, healthy, and meaningful. With experience across a broad range of architectural and furniture projects point b brings a creative, contextual, and hands-on approach to any problem. Our fi rm’s design process focuses on the integration of highly sophisticated digital technologies thoroughly tested within our own advanced fabrication shop. In addition to our design capabilities, we have a fabrication side focused on industrial design prototyping and architectural R&D - working with new materials to develop innovative applications. We offer a range of services including: architectural design, consulting on digital design techniques, simulation & building analysis, digital fabrication, and full scale prototyping, fabrication & installation of building components.

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