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Quadrangle Ltd

At Quadrangle, we balance creative innovation with in-depth expertise to solve business challenges – and build lasting partnerships. We collaborate with high-profile clients in media, hospitality, retail and other sectors, as well as developers of multi-unit residential projects. Our Toronto-based firm includes recognized leaders in areas such as accessibility and sustainable design, as well as experts in technically demanding industries such as TV broadcasting. Over the years, our work has earned acclaim and won many Canadian and international awards. That recognition is gratifying, but what we value most is the strength it adds to existing relationships and the doors it opens to new ones. Maintaining our focus comes down (as usual) to four simple rules: Never rest on our laurels. Never talk when we can act. Never stop learning. And, most important, never stop evolving – as we keep pace with the changing world where our clients grow businesses, build communities and create new opportunities. Led by principals Les Klein, Ted Shore, Susan Ruptash, Sheldon Levitt, Jeff Hardy, Anna Madeira, Caroline Robbie, Richard Witt, Sami Kazemi and Heather Rolleston, Quadrangle is made up of a talented 200 person multi-disciplinary team. We pride ourselves on a hands on approach where each project is led by a principal and project manager, providing continuity and a single point of contact for the client throughout the project.

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