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red blue architecture + design

red blue architecture + design Studio di Architettura

red blue architecture + design

red blue architecture + design

Studio di Architettura

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red blue architecture + design

We have been working in the architecture and design industries for 23 years and we are now combining our skills and passion for design with our desire to work with some wonderful people and make their dreams become reality. ​ We are creating a new design environment where we work with architecture, interiors, installations and homewares. We are taking our architecture skills, experience and knowledge and applying them across new non-traditional design fields. We're asking the questions: what is architecture? what is design? why shouldn't we look beyond bricks and mortar? can we have a greater impact on society? ​ idea To create a new way of thinking about how an architecture practice should be structured. Traditional architecture practice restricts its business literally to the construction industry. In design terms it also constrains the breadth of projects available and limits creativity. We want to exist within a design environment. ​ differentiate We are taking the skill set and approach that we have developed as architects and applying it through multiple media across multiple marketplaces. Beyond architecture, we create installations, provide graphic design, design and create home-wares and jewellery and educate and mentor our next generation of designers and thinkers. ​ Our involvement with educational programs such as the Archibull Prize, educate children through hands on experience about the challenges of housing and feeding the world with a declining natural resource base. ​ growth There is a cross pollination of design ideas with this model, as well as a broadening of skills and attitudes. There is a blurring of boundaries between design fields which enables architects to be more than just an architect. They become multi faceted designers with a much broader range of possible outcomes for the work produced. ​ Our philosophy is about living in a sustainable, harmonious environment where we think beyond the horizon.

  • Progettazione architettonica
  • Architetture temporanee, installazioni
  • rogettazione urbanistica
  • Pianificazione territoriale e tutela ambientale
  • Arredo e design d'interni
  • Design industriale

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