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Robert M. Gurney

Robert M. Gurney Studio di Architettura

Robert M. Gurney

Robert M. Gurney

Studio di Architettura

5110 1/2 MacArthur Blvd NW - DC 20016 Washington Stati Uniti Website

Robert M. Gurney

The vast majority of houses constructed today are anemic replications of beloved houses built in a bygone era. Synthetic reproductions of time honored materials and thoughtless design process predominates. Wooded sites with rolling topography are leveled and rendered treeless. Molded styrene, plastics with embossed wood grain, and foam covered with resin reduce materials to flat, superficial images. Vinyl windows with artificial muntin bars are employed with no regard for orientation. This greatly compromises our sensual gratification and ecological awareness. Once exposed to natural forces these houses will deteriorate rapidly and require great and unnecessary expense to repair or replace. Our office believes that architecture must break from unnatural and unhealthy imitation. The office of Robert M. Gurney, FAIA is dedicated to the design of modern, meticulously detailed, thoughtfully ordered residential and commercial projects sensitive to site, program and budget. Materials are employed with honesty, integrity and ecological awareness. Regardless of project size or budget, our office is committed to producing buildings and spaces that strive for design excellence. Whether working in complex historical districts or on a vacant site, the design process involves an understanding of site specific issues of location, landscape, history, availability of materials and construction methods. The design process includes considerable client interaction. Design solutions arrive through the thoughtful manipulation of light, color, texture, form and geometry. An understanding of current technology, attention to detail and awareness of location, landscape and history lead to design solutions that respect historical, topographical and regional context without being revivalist. Projects are designed to be durable, timeless and appropriate. The office of Robert M. Gurney, FAIA has created a body of work that has won more than one hundred ninety local, regional and national design awards, including two AIA National Honor Awards, five National AIA Housing Awards, an AIA Small Projects Award, an American Architecture Award and two Wood Design Awards. In addition the office’s work has been published in over two hundred local, national and international magazines, books and periodicals.

  • Progettazione architettonica
  • Restauro architettonico, conservazione
  • Architetture temporanee, installazioni

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