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ROJO / FERNÁNDEZ-SHAW arquitectos is an architecture office based in Madrid, Spain, founded by the architects María Begoña Fernández-Shaw Zulueta and Luis Rojo de Castro. Begoña Fernández-Shaw and Luis Rojo de Castro established their architectural practice in Madrid, Spain, in 1994, in partnership, co-founding ROJO / FERNÁNDEZ-SHAW architecture. The firm has oriented its practice ever since towards the design and construction of public works, architectural competitions and academic research. They have won several architectural competitions, like the Auditorium in Guadalajara, the Centre for the Arts in Alicante, the Industrial Research Centre Laboratories in Arnedo, a Sports Centre in Alcazar de San Juan, or a Public Housing Project in Ciudad Real. Their work has been published in several professional journals, among which stand Revista Arquitectura, AV, On Design, Tectónica, Detail, L'Industria de la Construzione and others, and their work was selected for the Spanish Architectural Bienale and the FAD prize. Architecture, despite the normative search for phenomenological synthesis or the severe self-limitation of the elements that came to play in each game, cannot hide the unequivocal traces of the conflicts that underlay the appearance of things. And, as an instrument of knowledge, architecture becomes an entropic organism that solves problems in the same measure it creates them. Currently involved in the completion of the Industrial Research Centre Laboratories in Arnedo, the Sports Centre in Alcazar de San Juan and a Shopping Mall for Hipercor s.l. in Madrid, their work tries to expose tensions between isotropy and entropy, structure and heterogeneity or language and camouflage, inscribing each project in an alternative and specific disciplinary problem or paradigm.

  • Progettazione architettonica
  • Restauro architettonico, conservazione
  • Architetture temporanee, installazioni

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