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Sériès et Sériès

Sériès et Sériès Studio di Architettura

Sériès et Sériès

Sériès et Sériès

Studio di Architettura

63 rue Rambuteau - 75004 Parigi Francia 33(0)144596499 Website

Sériès et Sériès

The intention behind all of our proposals is to create enthusiasm in the city, it is work that needs to be explained. We address the design of the city; this is an approach that requires us to look further than the construction of buildings. Intervention in the urban landscape must accommodate the behaviors of all of society. The relationship between architecture, economy, culture and behavior, and nesting are central to our thinking of each project. It is a communicative creativity that we seek in our proposals. Passed through the filter of all the constraints of use, safety, and technicality, we ultimately propose an architecture that does not seem laborious, but which can generate courage, desire, and connection. To create accidents in the city is to create benchmarks. It is envisaged as a moving portrait, with its projections of architecture characterized and recognizable by the emotions they invoke. The value of architecture other than its physical performance can be found in an emotion that will be accessible to everyone. We envision contemporary architecture as a result of discussions between different environments/characters. In conceptual discussion we put ourselves in danger, we must put in continuous effort to defend and convince; meanwhile, the project builds itself from these confrontations. Communication and explanation are aspects of process that we do not neglect. The problem of speech and exchange arises from strategy, it is through communication and explanation of the project that the architect can afford expression beyond specifications. Architectural design is no longer just an explicit tool provided to the user, but becomes a real engine. Only the clearest expression of a concept allows a pure interpretation.

  • Progettazione architettonica
  • Restauro architettonico, conservazione
  • Architetture temporanee, installazioni
  • Architettura del paesaggio
  • Arredo e design d'interni
  • Illuminazione d'interni

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