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SET Architects

SET Architects Studio di Architettura

SET Architects

SET Architects

Studio di Architettura

Viale Val Padana, 44 b - 00141 Rome (RM) Italia

SET Architects

SET is a young architecture, urbanism and design studio based in Rome, led by Lorenzo Catena, Onorato di Manno and Andrea Tanci. The design procedure is always supported by in-depth theoretical research based on the investigation of the essence of architecture and the elements that compose it. Simplicity and clarity are key themes of the entire creative process, from the abstract idea to the design solution. SET envisions an architecture that is able to communicate directly with those who live it. This is achieved by using elementary geometric shapes and paying attention to environmental sustainability through the experimental use of materials and technologies. The studio believes in non-generic architecture capable of emerging as a cultural factor in the local context and preserving the uniqueness of places.

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