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Via dell’artigianato, 12 Z.I. - 35023 Bagnoli di Sopra (PD) Italia (+39)0499535346 Website

Smooth Plane

SMOOTH PLANE … is passion, SMOOTH PLANE is wood chips, SMOOTH PLANE is high quality craftsmanship, SMOOTH PLANE is real wood. A young brand, created to give wood a new identity in the home through objects characterized by a strong aesthetic personality, rich in new functional content, and always shaped by skilled hands of craftsmen giving real added value to each individual object. In nature, wood presents itself through a dress – the bark – which contains the true essence of the material. This is the simple but essential point from which the designer Alessandro Busana and his team started for developed the “CUTLINE” project, a line of furniture that defines a dynamism of a precise action, a radical cut, an explicit gesture made to reveal what lies beneath, what lies inside, a cut creating functionality in each object and, at the same time, giving rise to an aesthetic able to evoke emotion.

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  • Arredamento e Design
  • Tavoli e Sedie
  • Tavoli
  • Zona giorno e mobili contenitori
  • Librerie

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