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Surface Developments

Surface Developments General contractor

Surface Developments

Surface Developments

General contractor

136 Florence St. - Ottawa Canada 6132229800 Website

Surface Developments

Surface developments is an award winning Ottawa based real estate development company founded by Jakub Ulak, specializing in design focused residential projects ranging from infill single family homes to condominiums. At the heart of our philosophy is a belief in the transformational potential of creative design and it's capacity to create not only beautiful homes but also vibrant and exciting neighbourhoods. We're focused on building for the future and creating spaces and places that are engaging and bring a greater quality of life not only to our clients but also to the neighbourhoods that our homes help create. At the core of our process is the implementation of innovative design strategies that strive to maximize value across a broad spectrum of scales from that of the neighbourhoods we build in right down to the details and selection of finishes. We start by engaging and embracing the positive characteristics of our projects' locations ranging from concerns about neighbourhood dynamics to site specific conditions that can be taken advantage of and enhanced. The result is innovative architectural forms that respond to the many facets of where we build with a language that is thoroughly modern but complimentary to it's surroundings. Our homes are built for contemporary urban lifestyles that not only leverage cutting edge architecture but also innovative materials, digital technology and environmental sustainability. The result is homes that showcase quality, ingenuity and value, and create unique living experiences that can't be found anywhere else. We're passionate about design, our city, it's neighbourhoods and the beautiful things that can be created through a thoughtful process of making.

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