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TANK Architectes

TANK Architectes Studio di Architettura

TANK Architectes

TANK Architectes

Studio di Architettura

33 rue de la justice - Lilla Francia

TANK Architectes

TANK Architectes is a firm of architects founded in 2005 by Olivier Camus and Lyderic Veauvy. This association shaped around of a true friendship and a strong passion for architecture, was born when encountering each other at the Superior Institute of Architecture of St Luc Tournai in 1992. Olivier Camus and Lyderic Veauvy lead an office oriented toward design and research, structured around a responsible and committed team of 13 persons. Bruno Drumare is head of the office since 2009. The team is composed of nine architects, an executive assistant, a secretary, a graphic designer and an architect model maker. Olivier Camus and Lyderic Veauvy direct and supervise together all the design of each project from its earlier conception to final details. Each project is managed under the responsibility of a project manager from early design phases to the delivery of the building. TANK Architects, after several years in Roubaix, is now established in Lille in a 500 sqm office which was organized as a real tool of design and research bringing together in one place, a model workshop, meeting rooms, work spaces and living spaces. APPROACH & CONCEPT Tank reflects the ideal vision of the profession: teamwork, passion, defending beliefs, where the meaning and content are as important as the built project. Research and experiences are varied and then are a really motor of improvement. The studio seeks to insert architecture within a constructed, poetic and social reality, attaching a great importance to the search for truth in all the profession complexity, from spatial researches through environmental requirements, quality execution of projects with consideration to their social aspects. The studio believes in the committed position of the architect, guaranteeing a free reflection about the constraints that accompany the project. Tank thinks it's necessary to go beyond the questions asked and extend thinking. Research and inquiry are the basis for a process that aims to create sensitive, poetic and righteous spaces. The thinking goes beyond the visible issues and limits, and seeks the unknown beyond the common standards. Tank wants to keep in every project the enjoyment of designing, which goes through a freedom of design. The practice of the office is multiple, sensitive and committed.

  • Progettazione architettonica
  • Restauro architettonico, conservazione
  • Architetture temporanee, installazioni

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