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Tjep. is an Amsterdam based team of misfit-fitting designers and non-designers challenging themselves to question the world and make unexpected connections: creating beautiful things for proud people. Tjep’s mission is to: Add energy and optimism to the world Create outstanding interiors and products Help our clients reaffirm, enhance and surpass their success through design Think and amaze Founded by Frank Tjepkema in 2001, the studio has garnered a reputation for delivering outstanding creative work across a broad field of expertise that includes award winning interior, architectural, product, furniture, visual and jewelry design. Spanning both the commercial and cultural sectors, Tjep.’s diverse portfolio of acclaimed work has made it the studio of choice for people and brands seeking a unique and original design perspective. Clients include the leading brands Droog, Camper, Levi's, Heineken, British Airways, Feadship and Ikea. Tjep. fuse together peerless design with accomplished expertise in the latest production techniques. Internationally, Tjep. is recognized for their dedication to uniting strong design concepts, beautiful aesthetics and great functionality. The studio’s hallmarks are amazing people with color-rich designs that make unexpected connections, playing with people's sense of the intuitive and rational.

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