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TreeTopBuilder specialises in the creation of the most enchanting dream of all: tree houses. Often we do not enjoy the full potential of our gardens, however with the right balance of technique and ambition, every tree is capable of carrying a dream! Tree houses are short-term hideaways or permanent homes. They are places to play in and to contemplate; to immerse yourself in nature and escape urban life. They are retreats for seclusion or to share with friends. Two key concepts inspire our designs to make our creations an inviting and homely reality: personalization around the tree, with its unique features and potential; personalization around the client, with their own taste, feelings, dreams, interests and capabilities. The tree and its environment, the materials and the techniques, the sketches and architecture, the purpose and features are all elements which we combine to build the desired tree house. Something that will always be yours. We love to create tree houses, large and small, which provide great comfort and is tailored to your needs. We love great trees, capable of carrying great dreams! ... Mostra tutto ... Mostra meno

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