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Studio di Design d'interni

Lyon Francia


Rémi Bouhaniche and Amaury Poudray graduated from the ESAD School of Art and Design, Saint-Etienne, in June 2009 after obtaining their BTS qualifications in Product design in Marseille and Les Herbiers respectively. In 2007 they left to study in India and the United States. In September 2009, they founded the USIN-e label under which they develop various projects for galleries and manufacturers. During their studies they worked regularly for the Paul Bocuse Institute, and since January 2010 they have been mentoring students from this school in their restaurant creation project. "USIN-e has set up its stall in the diversity of know-how and the complexity of exchanges, from metalworking to basket weaving, from artistic joinery to working with scientific glass, from embroidery to welding. Constantly preoccupied by the idea of working consistently with the manufacturing techniques, we attach a great deal of importance to the elegant and detailed appearance of the finished object. In this perilous, indeed acrobatic, confrontation between genres there arise the notions of tension and lightness, void and mass, robustness and fragility, surfaces and structures. These basic elements of our work are therefore reinjected into the furniture, the tableware, the household accessories, the set designs. It is in this way that we are constructing our present and our future by dint of our encounters and experiences. This desire to create links between various disciplines, to construct human relations around a project, feeds into the conception of objects that are witnesses to our age. In this way we are gradually putting down the building blocks for an approach that can be transposed into different domains and on different scales, from the object to the set design, from the jewel to the space, from the detail to the global, from the piece of furniture to the item of clothing." Amaury Poudray and Rémi Bouhaniche.

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