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Vano Alto

Vano Alto Studio di Architettura

Vano Alto

Vano Alto

Studio di Architettura

Via - San Miniato (PI) Italia

Vano Alto Privato

Vano Alto is a design studio project founded by two Italian contemporary artists. For this project, Vittorio Cavallini and Paola Mariani are using both traditional and modern materials, drawing from their experience in the field of contemporary art and the skills they acquired in their numerous collaborations with artisan businesses. Vanoalto’s studio is located in the heart of Tuscany. Paola Mariani was born near Florence and graduated from the Florence’s Art Istitute. An Expert in ceramic forming techniques, she has also been working as an interior designer for residential and retail projects for both private and public clients.Vittorio Cavallini was born in Lucca and graduated from the Art School of Florence. His sculptures have been published in magazines such as Flash Art, Art tribune, Elle Dècor and Abitare. .

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