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935-11, Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea, 6 - 137-8 SEOUL Corea del Sud 8225814181 8225982328 Website

World Mech Tech S.r.l.

WORLD MECH. TECH is the leading manufacturer as well as exporter of aluminum composite panel (ACM) in South Korea market since 1996, as ALCOTOP. Currently we are supplying more than 50 countries with ALCOTOP, which our customers are satisfied with our quality, price and service. Our certifications of nonflammable products can prove our quality as follows, ISO9001 KICM(KOREA INSTITUTE OF CONTRUCTION MATERIALS) EUROCLASSES from Spain for European Market PSB(British Standard) from Singapore ITB from Poland GOST from Russia Nonflammable aluminum composite panel products from JAPAN. We are sure that you will never regret choosing our product, ALCOTOP. Meanwhile, we are supplying Honey comb panel, stainless steel polycarbonate and silicon through our brother company. Those products will be synergy effect to your company. If you need further information or materials, please feel free to contact us anytime. Nelly Choi

Beni e servizi forniti da World Mech Tech
  • Strutture
  • Strutture metalliche
  • Sistemi costruttivi in carpenteria metallica
  • Coperture
  • Pannelli e lastre per coperture
  • Pannelli e lastre metalliche per coperture
  • Pannelli compositi per coperture
  • Pareti esterne e facciate
  • Rivestimenti per facciate
  • Pannelli per facciate
  • Pannelli metallici coibentati per facciate
  • Pannelli di facciata in materiali compositi
  • Pannelli ignifughi per rivestimenti esterni
  • Sistemi di facciata
  • Sistemi per facciate continue
  • Scale, Ascensori e Collegamenti
  • Ascensori e collegamenti
  • Miniascensori
  • Materiali da costruzione
  • Metalli e leghe
  • Lamiere metalliche

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