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zanonarchitettiassociati is an architectural practice based in Treviso, Italy, founded in 2006 by Mariano Zanon and partners Alessio Bolgan and Bruno Ferretti. Our work engages in all design fields, from architecture to urban planning, from interior staging to product design, always developed with a sensitive approach to architectural restoration and recovery of existing heritage. During the last few last years, the research focused on the office space, an evolving and stimulating topic, alongside the experimentation on residential, food and hotellerie subjects. Every project starts with a survey on the environment, in order to know its limits and qualities, improve its condition and give shape to reasoned results that will resist the test of time. An example that can well illustrate the steps of our design process is the H-Farm complex, an articulated system that gradually developed in time and in the surrounding territory where different areas and functions converge. The studio provides an “integrated design” service, ensuring the project’s management in all of its phases, with the aim to achieve optimized solutions at a high-performance level. A broad team of experts and collaborators supports our work during design and construction phases to guarantee the effectiveness of a high-quality design. All the activities are dealt with entirely, starting from the concept to get to the executive process and construction. ... Mostra tutto ... Mostra meno

zanon architetti associati

Via Piovega, 2
35010 Roncade