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Barbara Sordina

Barbara Sordina Architetto

Barbara Sordina

Barbara Sordina


Milano (MI)

Profilo di Barbara Sordina

Barbara Sordina was born in Padua in I968, in 1983 she obtained her diploma as Master of Art and in 1986 she graduated in Applied Arts. In 1990 she obtained her diploma at the lstituto Europeo di Design in Milan and enriched her background working with: Studo "Bonetto" in Milm, studio “Cini Boeri" in Milan, studio “MtM“ in Milan, end “Avant Garde Studio" in Milan. In I992 she enters Studio Marianefli Design and in 1998 becomes partner together with Cesare Toma and Emanuele Villafranca. She is in charge of Industrial Design although she carefully follows also Architecture, interior Design and Graphic Design Projects. She likes to combine the term Industrial Design with such terms as shape, tunctionaity, simplicity and, why not, even poetry.


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