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Benedetta Tamborini

Benedetta Tamborini Designer

Benedetta Tamborini

Benedetta Tamborini


Milano (MI)

Profilo di Benedetta Tamborini

Benedetta Tamborini was born in Milan in 1970. Her professional background started in 1993 in her family's company producing wool items. She cooperated with different clothing companies as designer in the field of knitwear (Trevor Replay, Religion and Buddhist Punk, Evergreen) and with Ballantyne Cashmere as styling director. During 2004/2005 she was home wear project manager for Giorgio Armani. At present she cooperates with Fogal (Product research and development manager)) Oche Bianche (design/creativity manager), Descamps (creative director), Hotman (new projects manager, designer yachting collection). Since 2006 she teaches at the "Knitwear Design" course at the "European Institute of Design" in Milan.


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