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Bruna Rapisarda

Bruna Rapisarda Designer

Bruna Rapisarda

Bruna Rapisarda


20159 Milano (MI)

Profilo di Bruna Rapisarda

I was born and live in Milan where, following classical studies, I attended the European Design Institute. The curiosity to experiment has always distinguished my work, and this has allowed in the past few years to use my creativity in the development of different kinds of objects made ​​of copper or steel, glass and plastic, wood and ceramic, rubber or resin, up to those using new materials, which are certainly, from my point of view, the most challenging. I believe that at the foundation of every project there must be some innovation, that makes every project engaging and never boring, and it is in this context that the choice of a material rather another becomes decisive. The innate ability to build ongoing relationships also enriched my personality and my commitment. To follow closely the business reality is to understand and analyze the problems of each new product in a global sense, by developing a synthesis of practical needs and dreams, designed with the customer. This design approach leads to my favorite way of working: focused and direct.


Progetti di Bruna Rapisarda

Prodotti di Bruna Rapisarda