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Bruno Fattorini

Bruno Fattorini Designer

Bruno Fattorini

Bruno Fattorini


20143 Milano (MI) +390289120760

Profilo di Bruno Fattorini

Bruno Fattorini born in Domodossola in 1939. Studies Economy in Milan. His professional path in the furniture field started with Boffi with which he collaborates from 1967 to 1974 and continues with Joint from 1972 to 1988. In 1977 Casakit is founded. In 1992 he acquires MDF ITALIA. President and owner of MDF ITALIA from 1992 to 2007, he is the promoter of an innovative and solid company and product strategy capable of switching in record time the company in a “reference point in contemporary design”. Art Director and designer, he is the pivot point around which the cultural and aesthetical research of the company rotates and that makes it challenge the market with a collection of highly identifiable products: wall systems, tables, beds, sofas, chairs and accessories. Talent scout and skilled communicator, sharp and intuitive in seeing the potential of a product, he believed in many designs from emerging designers and took them to success and fame: an example over all: “Le Banc” bench by Xavier Lust and the “Random” shelving system by Neuland. Signs of mature creativity and intellectual liveliness along with aesthetical rigor and relentless research, are found in many of his most successful products: Lim table, Home Desk, “Alluminum” beds and furniture, Minima shelving system which was mentioned for the “Compasso d’oro” award in 1998, Eleven Five wall system. Careful entrepreneur with great trust in teamwork, he confidently embraced the culture of innovation: experimentation of groundbreaking and environment-friendly materials, seek for craft quality in industrial products, the tuning of yet-unexplored techniques, design patents registration, unconventional commercial strategies. Challenge enthusiast, confident that company organization, advanced information technology and internal communication are all contributing factors in creating values. From here, the decision to move the creative, directional and commercial nucleus in Milan, in the prestigious Via Morimondo headquarter in the former Richard Ginori area. Empower the company with the integrated SAP platform, and obtaining every year the company’s balance certification are also two major key points. In 2007 he sold the company with the perspective of guaranteeing continuity. In 2009 co-founds with Robin Rizzini the Bruno Fattorini and Partners design consultancy.


Progetti di Bruno Fattorini

Prodotti di Bruno Fattorini