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Calle Henzel

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Calle Henzel

Calle Henzel


Göteborg (14)

Profilo di Calle Henzel

Calle Henzel is a multimedia artist. His paintings, collages and photomontages have as a result of early textile experimentation been translated into a vast series of rug designs. He has over the years cultivated an independent standing and business model that has allowed him uncompromised artistic freedom. Henzel’s body of work – which includes bold portrayals of youth culture zeitgeist, images presenting fragile and fluctuating notions of identity and ciphers corrupted by beauty and symbols – do not uphold him to any particular artistic movement or school of thought. Rather, his practice is a continuous reflection of what is experienced and perceived through subjective cultural impulses. The unique characteristics of his pieces lend a contemporary and enduring quality to his work, blending the abstract and figurative, often searching for a constant interplay between the sublime and the intense. His organic and experimental process, which involves elements of intuition, chance and accident, is something that continues to breathe into the making of his art. Calle Henzel’s work has been shown in numerous solo exhibitions, group exhibitions and public installations worldwide. Calle Henzel has collaborated with some of the most prominent names in contemporary art, including Helmut Lang, Juergen Teller, Marilyn Minter, Jack Pierson and Richard Prince. Alongside artists Francis Bacon, Piero Dorazio and Damien Hirst, Infinito Mono by Calle Henzel was highlighted among the top ten artist designed rugs by COVER (#33), the world’s leading trade publication for carpets and textiles.


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