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Camillo Pediconi

Camillo Pediconi Architetto

Camillo Pediconi

Camillo Pediconi


Piazza dei Caprettari, 70 - 00186 ROMA (RM) +39066834005

Profilo di Camillo Pediconi

Camillo Pediconi was born in Rome in 1940, in 1969 he took his degree in architecture at the university “La Sapienza“ of Rome; he is registered at the Association of Architect in Rome. Since 1970 he has been working at some important projects of public works together with the well-known firm of architects Paniconi-Pediconi, whose professional activity and experience he has inheriteded. At present he is working as associate of the firm C. e GC. Pediconi R. Magagnini Architetti Associati. He was in charge of several design projects and site managements, both at public and private level. He developed interior design projects in the private sector, from the planning to the implementation, he carried out “turnkey” building renovations under the coordination and the management of several experts in bulding works. He carried out the preliminary, final, executive design as well as the detailed one, from the technological and bulding point of view, for the works. In particular he executed designs of buildings for public offices, for individual, collective, private and public houses, for sporting activites and tourism, for social services (hospitals, schools, churches) for restoration and building renovation. He was responsible for the mounting of the Italian pavillions at Sevilla (1992) and for the Summit in Venice (1987) on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affaris. He was charged of important tasks for public and private bodies, such as the Postal and Telecommunications Ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Consortium of Sporting Facilities, IACP - Istituto Case Popolari (the Institute of Council Flats [n.d.t.]), the Municipality of Rome and the Rome Body for the Jubilee. He develops research and professional updating projects by attending national and international competitions where he obtains awards, mentions and publications on specialized magazines.

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