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Chiara Pistolesi

Chiara Pistolesi Designer

Chiara Pistolesi

Chiara Pistolesi


Firenze (FI)

Profilo di Chiara Pistolesi

The word “Chiarapis” is the crasis between the name of the Tuscan illustrator and fashion designer and the Italian term “lapis”, which means “pencil” in English[q1] . She became aware of her artistic vocation for drawing when she was only 4 years old and – at the age of 22 – the artist started her career by working in the fashion industry during her studies in Fashion Design at Polimoda University, in Florence. After experimenting with different drawing techniques (pencils, watercolours, digital design), Chiara started collaborating with Or.nami in the field of Interior Design. Her works mainly represent feminine subjects.

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