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Claudia Zoboli

Claudia Zoboli Architetto

Claudia Zoboli

Claudia Zoboli


via Archirola, 165 - 41100 Modena (MO) +39059391050

Profilo di Claudia Zoboli

Architect and designer with ZPZ Partners. She carries out professional work and research in architecture and design, works with Reggio Children and Domus Academy Research Centre. Her architectural work focus on designing public and community service spaces, like nurseries, schools, hospitals, and commercial spaces, like shops and commercial centers. Her work as a designer focuses on furnishing systems for nurseries, schools, hospitals, residential communities, public places and home. Her work also includes image and corporate image design, vision design, interior design. In parallel she carries out research, particularly collaborating with Reggio Children and Domus Academy Research Center. She has designed, with ZPZ Partners, the "childhood" section inside the huge Yokohama and Kobe italian design exhibitions “Italy and Japan - Design as a Lifestyle”. She designed, with architect Michele Zini, the furniture line "Atelier3", a 150 items line for nurseries and pre-schools developed together with Reggio Children. She is now coordinating new furniture lines, named PLAY+ and PLAY+ SOFT, counting more than 250 items, with activity of art direction and product design. She is coordinating the furniture design for the new Obstetrics and gynaecology wards in Modena General Hospital. ZPZ Partners, with architect Tullio Zini, have recently won the Competition for designing the International Center for Children in Reggio Emilia, hosting schools, ateliers and labs, research centers, conference halls and Reggio Children offices. ZPZ Partners have recently designed, or are currently designing, sixsteen nurseries and pre-schools: in Roma,Venezia, Modena, Nonantola, Milano, Parma, Tokyo.

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