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Constance Guisset

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Constance Guisset

Constance Guisset


14, rue Cavé - 75 018 Paris 18 Buttes-Montmartre +330143293997

Profilo di Constance Guisset

Constance has a master’s degree at ENSCI - Les Ateliers. Born in 1976, she lives and works in Paris. “My work is centred around a research on illusion of vision and surprise. I endeavour to create moving objects that produce either a long-lasting astonishment or a passing fascination. The manufacturing of a project, to be understood as transformation, is a process during which the object becomes reality, only holding back the very necessary, the initial lightness and fantasy. At the end, the object comes out of its chrysalis as a finished product, exclusively to be handled by the final user. And takes its independence.”


Team di Constance Guisset

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