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Cosimo Andrisano

Cosimo Andrisano Artista/Artigiano

Cosimo Andrisano

Cosimo Andrisano


Lecce (LE)

Profilo di Cosimo Andrisano

He graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Lecce, in the section dedicated to sculpture. His work includes both painting and sculpture, with clear metaphysical accents. The artist’s preferred subjects include cave and mythological graphisms and contemporary images. With his explosive constructions that combine various techniques, from collage and painting to the inclusion of text and layered media, Andrisano encodes the dreams of escape and stardom of the latest generation, mixing them with advertising slogans, photographs, scratches, flashes of red and postmodern hieroglyphics. An attitude in keeping with the traditional role of critique taken on by much of his collage and décollage as an artistic form of denouncement. Andrisano carries out a complex inquiry into identity, identification and the difference between generations.


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