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Costantino Giovine

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Costantino Giovine

Costantino Giovine


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Costantino Giovine came to Milan in 1983 from Velletri. He studied the use of colours and looked in-depth at the language of symbols while starting to make his art known. Later, in a search for more natural landscapes, he chose to move to a small village, Viadanica and there he opened a new studio where he now works. The colours absorb the landscape surrounding them, thus becoming more well-defined and brighter. He says of himself: “My painting represents what I feel and what I dream. It’s true to say that it is not what you see when you look at the painting, but what you feel when you let yourself be transported by it... Painting for me means moving away from daily life to free the feelings I have inside me. The highly symbolic language I use unites and integrates the body with the spiritual dimension, on the verge of magic. At times, the magical dimensions separate from everyday life to catch up with it again in other shapes, dimensions and discoveries. The inner journey leads us to explore our own roots and our own primordial nature in uncontaminated territories in which man and nature find themselves together again in archaic forms that have always existed. A painting is born and created inside me, in a time-space similar to the period of gestation, until the day or the moment comes in which I feel the overwhelming need to bring it to light by means of the canvas. I work directly with acrylic colours, filling the spaces with dots and lines and giving life to a painting that takes on new shapes with the passing of time and, like every birth, is different and new. The main aim of my art is to stir feelings in those who look at the painting, just as the painting has stirred feelings in me while creating it”. Costantino takes his inspiration from distant cultures like the Australian Aborigines or the Maya, or from nearby, for example the Mediterranean and using a very personal language and an outstanding sense of colour, he creates bright and very profound works. Of considerable interest is the new production “sitting for the artist”: a contamination of art and design that originated from Costantino Giovine’s experiments on large and average sized canvases or on polyurethane and today has led to his Art-design. All these elements form a rainbow that is at times discordant and at others in harmony, but certainly reflects the world and all its possible interpretations.


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