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Cristina Stifanic

Cristina Stifanic Artista/Artigiano

Cristina Stifanic

Cristina Stifanic


Milano (MI)

Profilo di Cristina Stifanic

This Italian artist of Croatian background revisits the world of Diabolik in her own way, bringing Diabolik Pop Ikon to life. A series of works that affect the viewer with their colours, technique, and above all with the subjects depicted in the canvases. The characters are taken from the Diabolik saga that spanned over fifty years, but they are not the leading figures of the famous noir comic strip – not the King of Terror or Eva Kent. Here, only the secondary characters are given a space. Norma, Mascia, Jonas, and Anna Karena… are just some of the iconic faces that, in their pop function, commemorate Warhol and Lichtenstein. They are enriched with hyper-contemporary nuances: materials such as flourescent powders, enamels, glitter, acrylics, and crystals, as well as painting techniques merge with the linearity of the comic. This noir comic strip becomes a means by which we ask ourselves disturbing questions with equally disturbing answers about topics concerning us.


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