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Daniele Misani

Daniele Misani Artista/Artigiano

Daniele Misani

Daniele Misani


Via Ornago - 20882 Bellusco (MB) +39 039/62.27.66

Profilo di Daniele Misani

Daniele Misani lives and works in Bellusco, Brianza. Having completed his artistic studies, obtaining a diploma from the artistic secondary school “Preziosissimo Sangue” in Monza, and an honours degree in set design from the Brera Academy, with a thesis on Fabrizio De Andrè, he worked as a scenographer at a film studio in Milan, and since 2009 has worked as a freelancer in various fields of art (design, painting, decoration and graphic art). As well as participating in numerous artistic competitions, Daniele Misani’s work has been displayed in national and international solo and group exhibitions. Daniele Misani’s artistic quest is geared towards discovering new languages and materials aimed to “narrate” and “illustrate” great characters and great stories.


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