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Danilo Bianchi

Danilo Bianchi Designer

Danilo Bianchi

Danilo Bianchi


19, Via Filzi Fabio - 22063 Cantù (CO) 031711658

Profilo di Danilo Bianchi

Danilo Bianchi lives and works in Brianza, a region close to Milan, homeland of the Italian design. His interest in design, furniture and architecture comes from the observation of what surrounds him. "Growing up with a father working as a carpenter, in an environment where working meant creating, designing and building furnishings led me to the world of design". His story is linear: after his diploma at the Art High School in Cantù, he started immediately to work by an architecture studio, an experience which lasted 10 years. In 1989, aged 31, he decided to open his own studio in order to increase his experience in design, furniture and contract. "It was time for me to work alone: I needed to express my creativity without any constraint". He describes creativity to be able to face any kind of request and to design any kind of thing. "My job is like a continuous challenge with yourself as well as with the company which commissions the project". The blank page is every time like an "enemy" to be defeated: to win you always need a new idea, an original design for an elegant object. "Not just original shapes matter, but also materials are extremely important". If the design is a continuous challenge, "Companies ask for projects of great esthetic value, materials contribute to the aim of furnishings with a great visual effect and matching always require the right balance". In 1992 and 1994 some of his works were noticed at the Young & Design Contest within the Salone del Mobile di Milano. He also worked with companies such as: Pellizzoni Cuoio, Pacini & Cappellini, Rizza Design & Complementi, Orsenigo, Radice Mobili, Pescarollo, Molteni imbottiti, Ozzio design, Ponti & Terenghi. In the contract field I worked with companies such as: OAK, Poliform, Consonni CTC, Riva 1920, Marzorati-Ronchetti.


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