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Dario Covi

Dario Covi Designer d'interni

Dario Covi

Dario Covi

Designer d'interni

Trieste (TS)

Profilo di Dario Covi

Hidden behind the fulminant shrewd thought and witz are lessons of experience from ancient Masters: suspicion towards an increasing mood "sharp eyed for close things and blind for things as a whole". The lesson that can derive is the true litmus paper of Dario Covi's professional experience, born in Trieste in 1942: a stubborn choice in the field of pursuing an organic approach to a project, matured to "profession" following a versatile route, both in visual arts (graphics and photography), naval furnishings, interior furnishings and fittings (residenital, offices, showroom and tradeshows) as well as furniture design for both home and office environments.


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