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Didier Versavel

Didier Versavel Designer d'interni

Didier Versavel

Didier Versavel

Designer d'interni

35400 Saint Malo

Profilo di Didier Versavel

« TO BE A DESIGNER IS TO BE OPEN TO THE ENERGIES, DESIRES AND SENSIBILITIES OF OTHERS » This definition of his role as a designer was directly inspired by an actor’s definition of his own role as an actor because, for Didier Versavel, being a designer means, first of all, being the lead actor in a film. In this film the craftsman or manufacturer would be the movie director, the purchasing agent or importer would function as the film producer, and the marketing team would serve as screenwriters. Indeed for Didier, as for a highly versatile actor, it is a question of being flexible as well as creative, in order to breathe life into any project that has only been roughly sketched out by others. This is why, since receiving his fine arts degree from the well-known design school Boulle in 2001, he has acted with precision and creativity, each time adapting his style to give reality, intensity and novelty to projects conceived by manufacturing partners and/or distributors, each of whom inhabits a very different world. He enthusiastically applies himself to many different formats. His work to date has included everything from the « close up » (such as a corperate logo) to the « long shot » (like his range of low energy consumption wood frame houses) and from the « Block Buster » (for example, the many furniture collections that he has designed for 3 Suisses) to the « Short Subject » (in working alongside a master leatherworker and using innovative techniques like transparent lamb’s skin mounted a honeycomb of calf’s leather to create truly unique luggage). For Didier Versavel, however, it is definitely not a question of simply « following the script ». Before creating his own design company in 2006, he spent 5 years with a large well-known furniture design firm, and there he developed the conviction that the designer must be involved throughout the entire process in order for a project to remain on track and be successful. Thus, we often find D. VERSAVEL participating not only as an actor, but also as screenwriter and director. This certainly explains why the associations that he has formed with his numerous partners are both close and long-lasting.

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