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Djordje  Cukanovic

Djordje Cukanovic Designer

Djordje  Cukanovic

Djordje Cukanovic



Profilo di Djordje Cukanovic

I was born back in 1986. in a great place called Serbia. My Birth given name is Djordje Cukanovic, but you can find my projects signed also as ChuDes. Worked as a professional designer in Rome, Italy where I also finished my studies at Istituto Europero di Design, Industrial design sector. I actually couldn’t define myself as a industrial designer only because I have e very strong interests in all the fields that have to do with design in general. During my career I participated with success at many international competitions world wide. Currently landed in Motherland. Specialties: • Great leadership and organizational skills • Communicates effectively with others and works well both independently and collectively on a team • Confident knowledge of materials, making models and prototypes • 3D modeling and render elaborations • Product pre-ingeneering

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