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Dodo Arslan

Dodo Arslan Designer

Dodo Arslan

Dodo Arslan


20096 Milano (MI)

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Dodo Arslan is an eclectic Italian designer, of Amenian origin, esteemed by aschen as one of the 90 top designers and firms worldwide. His creativity gave birth to unique pieces as well as serial productions, ranging from electronic devices to bronze fusions. The riennale Design Museum has dedicated him “Le Attrazioni della Materia” exhibition and selected Otto armchair for the Permanent Collection of Italian Design. Arslan has been awarded the Young&Design prize, as well as the Mini Design Award, the Pirelli Pzero competition and the Art Directors Club award. His works have been exhibited at the National Science and echnology Museum in Milan for the Welltech Award, at the Inside Art event held at the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro and in various museums around the world: Berlin, Beijing, Bibao, Cape Town, Istambul, London, Madrid, Mumbai, Beijing, San Francisco, Santiago del Cile, New York, Shanghai. He collaborated with Fonderia Artistica Battaglia designing Incontro, a trophy for Fondazione del Centenario della Banca Svizzera Italiana, and Nove, a coffee table for the Milano Design Week event. His unique and limited editions were auctioned by Pierre Bergé & Associés, the renowned Bruxelles’ gallery. He has held lectures and Workshops at esign faculties in Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Egypt, England and Sweden. Before running his own studio he worked at Studio & Partners (N. Bewick, M. e Lucchi, T. Fritze) for Deutsche Post, British American obacco, Zumtobel Staff winning the Design Plus award, at Continuum (Milano - Boston - Seoul) for Motorola, Hewlett Packard, Elan, Voelkl and Samsung winning the Good Design Award and the KIDA Grand Prize.


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