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Domenico Brigante

Domenico Brigante Ingegnere strutturista

Domenico Brigante

Domenico Brigante

Ingegnere strutturista

Via Riviera di Chiaia, 118 - 80122 Napoli (NA) +393487087893

Profilo di Domenico Brigante

Domenico Brigante, after graduating in Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, University Federico II of Naples, with a thesis regarding the use of composite materials, continued his researches on the use of such materials at the university, obtaining a Ph.D. at the Department of Materials Engineering and Production of the same University with a dissertation on the use of innovative composite materials in structural reinforcement in civil, industrial and monumental construction. The laboratory experience alongside with the academic research have been supported over the years by practical experience in the design and technical direction of several reinforcement projects of civil, industrial and monumental construction, with application on masonry, wood , reinforced concrete and steel. The knowledge acquired through a mix of academic and practical experience in the field has led to the creation of three patents for the innovative use of composite materials - FRP. Several are the seminars and congresses he took part to as a speaker and the articles published in scientific journals. The experience developed in this innovative field has made the Eng. Domenico Brigante an established expert in technologies, composite materials and their application in structural reinforcement of existing structures and construction of new structures entirely made up of FRP. His first publication entitled “The new FRP composite materials - FRG - SRG - SRP, choice, design and implementation” has been issued in December 2011. In 2012 he founded the CARBON FIBER DESIGN CONTEST, the contest aims to raise awareness among architects, designers and engineers towards the use of carbon fibers in new areas of application compared to traditional ones, by exploiting and enhancing the technical features of the material: mechanical strength, weight and moldability.


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