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Domenico Neri

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Domenico Neri

Domenico Neri



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Lead designer. Neri is the person who gave the company’s design activities their basic stamp, as well as being responsible for its uninterrupted relationship with art, with beauty and with proportion. Domenico Neri started out in 1962, devising and making public lighting equipment. In the 1970s, he began to stand out and distinguish himself for his attention to historic town and city centres. Inspired by 19th-century models and making good use of a passion for architecture, he offered city lighting in classical forms, revisited with an eye to a more contemporary feel. And after lighting, faithful to his own style and using cast iron, Domenico Neri broadened his design range to street furnishing, designing a vast series of products with notable cultural, artistic and quality value, which have met with great appreciation and success the world over.


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