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Marìa Gabriela   Dupeyron

Marìa Gabriela Dupeyron Architetto

Marìa Gabriela   Dupeyron

Marìa Gabriela Dupeyron



Profilo di Marìa Gabriela Dupeyron

Gabriela Dupeyron, born in Argentina, she moved to Rome in 1984, where she started out dealing with professional landscaping, architecture and design. In 1997 he founded together with his partner in the Studio I.D.&.A with the intent to merge into a new structure the experience gained in the design and implementation of management retail spaces, engaging in specific Brands in the luxury sector such as Cavalli , Jahan, Stefen Webster, Mohawad , Bulgari, the latter projects in collaboration with Studio Sclavi . The architectural firm has a number of projects and realizations of entire environments with particular care to the choice and use of materials in their structural and functional expression, tactile and visual, but first of all considering them as a means of communication of the essence of the brand conveyed in emotion. The experience gained in the retail moves also in interior design and fittings, both residential, that for the hospitality as well as work spaces and furniture design and unique items suited to the luxury market .


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