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Edmondo Testaguzza

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Edmondo Testaguzza

Edmondo Testaguzza


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Portrait Edmondo Testaguzza: 2013©PhotoVivianalessandrini. ------ Edmondo Testaguzza was born in Germany 1964 and since 1997 gives name to his design studio where he takes care of interior design, industrial design and projects of exhibition tools. He has a strong experience in design of furniture pieces as well as of lighting systems. Premises to his attitude of projecting are made of regular researches aimed to achieve forms and shapes that should belong to a high aesthetic and suggestive value. In 2000 at the occasion of IFFT (International Furniture Fair Tokyo) he designed an expositive system honoured among the best Italian ones present at that event. He has a feeling for environmental themes and therefore conceived Green Technology systems declined for urban and domestic places with a touch of new design. He includes in his portfolio collaboration with companies based in Marche Region like FBL and Karman. This year he designed for Karman 2 families of products: one which is more theoretical whose aim is to go beyond the traditional way of imagine a lighting piece composed by several milestones of a lighting path and the second one inspired by Italian architectural history and one of its iconic example. Two different collections sharing the same wish to turn lighting into feeling and recollections.


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