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Elisabetta Garoni

Elisabetta Garoni Designer

Elisabetta Garoni

Elisabetta Garoni


Verbania (VV)

Profilo di Elisabetta Garoni

Born in 1968, she studies Architecture in Milan where she takes her degree in 1994. During this period she has the chance to enter in contact and work with Esperanza Nuñez Castain, Spanish colour Designer, Pietro Arosio and Paola Navone, developing design projects and temporary displays. In 2001 she begins the private practice. In the partner studio of Lissone she deals above all with design, interior design and staging. In collaboration with the DAC Color & Tecture design studio, founded in 2001, she works with many firms at the research and development of new materials and chromatic coordination. She works as colour advisor for many firms as Methis, office systems, Some of her projects have been selected and won International Design competitions. Together with Sabina Sallemi she designed furnishings products for Milano Beddings and Urbinati. Moreover, as she can't help proceeding in many different directions and fields, she designs and realizes, together with a team of craftsmen, new products created by using second-hand materials, expressing their creativity through this marriage between past and future.


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