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Enrico Imperi

Enrico Imperi Architetto

Enrico Imperi

Enrico Imperi


Via Del Papa Giuseppe, 29 - 50053 Empoli (FI) +39057177897

Profilo di Enrico Imperi

Founder at Enrico Imperi Studio. Established in 1985 it is specialized in architecture and interior's, relative to houses, villas, shops, showrooms, public spaces in Italy and abroad. Each project is dealt with trough an instinctive and creative process which turns preexistence in an accomplished architectural object, after continual changeable sedimentations, considering the relation between form and function design research and technology. Place, lighting, proportion and balance among volumes, reference to spontaneous mediterranean and rationalist architecture but also contemporary art, are themes aimed at working out the project real demands, through synthesis process, integrated by the use of new materials. The same concept is applied without distinction both to the large scale and the small object with strict relation between design an handcraft. There are several publications in sector magazines.


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