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Enzo Gualtieri

Enzo Gualtieri Architetto

Enzo Gualtieri

Enzo Gualtieri


Via Carrù, 13B - 00166 Roma (RM)

Profilo di Enzo Gualtieri

Enzo Gualtieri is a prominent Italian architect. He was born in 1957 and majored in architecture in university. He is well known in the field for his unique approach to appearance, structure, and lighting. His designs have received special recognition. Mr. Gualtieri strives for perfection in furniture design and layout, construction principles and best use of space. He believes design should study the character of materials and take into the consideration the qualities of the wood to be used. Mr. Gualtieri's designs achieve a harmony between utility and beauty. His designs take into account all aspects and details, achieving a quality of luxury and elegance, and providing great sensual enjoyment. Mr. Gualtieri will start any project by researching extensively the optimal space usage, furniture layout, and whatever needed to satisfy client's demand. Communications with the clients are the foundation of the interior design, which determine the direction, principle and style of the designs. Mr. Gualtieri will carefully listen to clients before the start of the design. However, to protect the interests of clients, he will also maintain the independence and depicting of the design. Of course, the finish a "perfect" design, the talents of the designer have to be accompanied by the support of a good team. Mr. Gualtieri has such a team, which functions in seamless collaboration, assuring economical completion of projects of the highest quality.


Team di Enzo Gualtieri

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